Technical Support

Having issues with your Inserts? Before contacting us, please check the below for common problems and how to resolve them.

Common Issues:

Tyre Deflating/Not Sealing

If you've managed to get everything set up and installed but the tyre is leaking air, there are a few possibly issues. The first step is to locate where the air is coming from; hold the wheel and tyre close to your ear or use your fingers to see if you can locate where the air is coming from. If the air is escaping from around the valve, we have a dedicated page here on how fix that problem. If the air is escaping from the holes in the rim, you most likely have an issue with your rim tape and you will need to take the uninstall the tyre+insert to assess it. If the tape has become creased or damaged it will need replacing, we recommend following Stan's tubeless tape installation guide to ensure you do not have to repeat it.

If the air is coming out of the sidewall of the tyre you could also have not enough sealant in your tyre; we recommend around 25% extra than the manufacturer's guidelines due to the extra surface area created inside the tyre by the insert. What if your sealant is bubbling through the sidewalls on a brand new tyre? It happens more in some tyres than others depending on how porous the carcass is, but don't be alarmed if your tyre does this. As the sealant seals up the casing of the tyre, it will stop coming through. If your tyre does this your best bet will be to put some more sealant in shortly after to top up the levels.