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Rimpact Reviews

A Quick Reference Guide to Some Independent Reviews of Rimpact Tyre Inserts

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Pinkbike Group Test 1

+ A genuine performance product
+ The most supportive on test
+ Offered a transformative change
+ Enables you to run ultra-low pressures

Pinkbike Group Test 2


In terms of performance on trail, the Rimpact Pro was my personal favourite. When you factor in cost, weight and impact resistance it becomes a better proposition still. All of these inserts offer something, but if I had to put my hand in the fire and say which offers the most with the fewest drawbacks then that's what it would be.


 "The Rimpact insert ensures more composed handling, allowing you to hold your line  more accurately in fast, rough trail sections. Moreover, it lets you run lower tire pressures, thus improving traction noticeably."

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"the Rimpact PRO V2 provides efficient vibration damping, better traction and more composed handling – all of this in a significantly lighter package than its heavy-duty competitors. A well-deserved Best in Test!"


"We were impressed by the low-profile design, which resulted in excellent tyre deformation (and therefore more grip) because the insert doesn’t encroach
far into the tyre. The
dual-compound closed-cell foam offers great rim protection, but is relatively lightweight."

"Its slow rebound characteristics mean an increase in grip because the wheel feels less prone to bounce back after impacts. Sidewall support is best on test thanks to the large, flat side-profile and tight-fitting nature of the insert"

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The Rimpact Pro/Original Mix tyre inserts are not only easy to install (on the right rim/tyre combo, at least) but they're well damped, lightweight and effective. They provide a lot of peace of mind if you're hard on that back wheel, too.


"Some of the best value rim protection you can get"

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