Technical Support

Having issues with your Inserts? Before contacting us, please check the below for common problems and how to resolve them.

Common Issues:

Unable To Release Air Pressure

If you are having trouble releasing air from Rimpact valves with your newly installed Rimpact insert:

The most likely cause for this is that the insert has been wedged down over the valve during installation. The sidewalls of the tyre may have pinched the insert down against the rim and prevented the valve from releasing air. This rarely happens but when it does it is almost always after initial installation, once fixed, shouldn’t happen again for the life of the insert.

If a small amount of air is being released from the valve when depressed, do so until the tyre is fully deflated. If no air escapes when the valve is depressed, loosen the lock-ring to the point you can wiggle the valve around, and then push it up into the insert, allowing air to escape. A small Allen Key may be useful to press into the valve with the valve core removed to help get the purchase on the valve when depressing.


Once the tyre is flat, manipulate the tyre and insert around the valve area, which should release any sealant trapped between the insert and the rim/ valve. Having the valve orientated at the top of the wheel will also help as gravity will help drain any pools of sealant. The aim is to roll the tyre back and forth laterally over the rim to tease the insert off of the valve and let it relax its positioning.

Re-inflate the tyre to 10 psi to see if the air can escape when the valve is depressed. If not remove the insert entirely, rotate 90 degrees so a different side of the insert is in contact with the valve and reinstall.