Technical Support

Having issues with your Inserts? Before contacting us, please check the below for common problems and how to resolve them.

Common Issues:

Valves Blocked with Sealant

Sealant is by design, intended to fill and clog holes up, so occasionally it will find its way into your valve and stop you from lowering your air pressure. There’s a difference between this and the Insert blocking the valve from above, if you follow the below steps and the problem isn’t resolved, try out tips by clicking the ‘Unable to Deflate Tyre Link Above’.

To remedy Sealant blockage, remove your valve core. If Air rushes out the blockage is located in the valve core so use a pin to unclog the core or replace it entirely. If no air rushes out the blockage is located further down the valve. Loosen the lockring to the point you can wiggle the valve around, and then push it up into the insert, allowing air to leave the tyre if the tyre isn’t already fully deflated. Remove the tyre, just enough on one side so you can remove the valve. Once you have removed the valve from the rim, use a 2mm Allen Key to poke to poke around the valve and dislodge any little blobs of sealant. For the “exhaust ports” on the side of the valve, a pin or something smaller will work best, again making sure you removed any bits of sealant which are potentially blocking airflow.

Attach the valve to a high pressure pump or compressor to force the air out of the valve and push the sealant with it.