Technical Support

Having issues with your Inserts? Before contacting us, please check the below for common problems and how to resolve them.

Common Issues:

Insert is Absorbing Sealant

This is unlikely. The material Rimpact is made from is a closed cell Polyethylene foam. This foam is rated with a <1% absorption specification and does not have the properties required to absorb sealant. The ‘Cell’ structure means that there are physical waterproof walls throughout the insert meaning fluid cannot pass into or through the material, in the way an open cell foam would like sponge.

So where is your sealant going? Mostly to evaporation and generally drying up. Most sealant manufactures recommend replacing sealant once per fortnight as they are aware this happens. The sealant is also slowly escaping from your tyre every time you burp a little air or get a miniscule hole in the tread that you don’t notice. Further to this, the surface area of the inside of a tire increases when you add an Insert meaning there is more area for the sealant to tyre and coat. Sealant tends to cling to any surface that isn't super slick and so by upping the quantity you use slightly, (we recommend up to 25%), you mitigate the loss of this sealant spreading over a greater surface area and allow for enough spare to clog any spontaneous air leaks. Whilst replacing the sealant in your tyres every two weeks is overkill, consider checking it semi regularly or at least prior to important races/rides.