Technical Support

Having issues with your Inserts? Before contacting us, please check the below for common problems and how to resolve them.

Common Issues:

Insert Rattling in Tyre / Insert has Stretched


There could be a few causes for the rattle other than the insert so it’s worth checking for these prior to contacting us. Firstly, remove the tyre from the rim and clean up the sealant.

If you see any ‘tyre monsters’ (dried up sealant balls), these could cause the rattling sound, remove these. If you see any mud or debris that has made its way into the tyre, remove these, this could also cause the rattle. Finally check the bearings in the hub to ensure the rattle isn’t coming from there.


Check the insert is tight around the rim with the tyre fully removed, it should fit snug and not fall off when shaken, if not this is a good indication the insert has stretched. There are a number of reasons the insert could stretch. Depending on the age, the stretch could be part of normal wear and tear. We typically expect the insert to resist any stretching for a reasonable period of time, depending on how much the insert is used, whether it has been ridden when flat and also the number of times it has been removed and refitted.


Remove the insert, clean it with cold water and leave to dry, it should return to roughly normal size after about 48hrs. If the insert has not shrunk enough, fold it up in a plastic bag and place in a freezer for 2 hours. Allow to thaw slightly before fitting and the insert should have returned to close to it's normal length. 

Remember the insert is a sacrificial product and is designed to be a consumable meaning it will tear, stretch and deform whilst doing its job of protecting the rim. If however the insert is relatively new, the stretching is not normal and we suggest contacting us for further information. Please let us know the specifics of your set up, order date and how often/far you ride on average. We would also like to know how many tyre’s you have used/worn through in the life of the insert as well as if you’ve had any flats.