Shipping Details by Area

Rough guide - subject to change. Prices are calculated by weight via adding items to basket.


Sets will be dispatched within 2 working days and arrive via 48hr Royal Mail delivery. 

In some cases we may use DPD to courier your order if your order meets certain parameters. 

European Union

If you are located outside of the UK but within the EU (including Northern Ireland), Rimpact will most likely ship within 2 working days via a DPD or Royal Mail tracked service and delivery times vary. Since the EU commission removed the 150 Euro limit for negligible value parcels, please be aware there will be fees charged to you by the courier before you can receive your parcel. The amount charged will vary depending on your country's VAT rate and the courier's charges. Expect around a 15-20% fee before your parcel is released to you but this may be higher. If your parcel is valued over 150 Euros you will have to also may Import duties as well as VAT. Rimpact will not pay this fee for you as our product is sold 'DDU' (delivery duties unpaid) and will not accept refund requests for any fees you choose to pay. Some Couriers also charge a processing fee to do this mandatory work so please be aware of this ahead of time. It's best to expect to pay approximately 20-25% of the check out value in Taxes just as you would if you purchased it from a VAT registered company in person. Our inserts still work out cheaper than the competition whilst being better in performance despite the increase in duties. The closer you are to the UK the faster the delivery but you will almost always receive your parcel within 2-6 days. (no promises!)

In Europe but Not in the EU

In most cases Rimpact will ship within 2 working days and send your order via Royal Mail International Tracked Services. Delivery times begin to vary in this region due to Customs controls and will usually be with you within 7-14 days. Please be aware of your country's customs import duties. Whilst most orders will fall below threshold, larger bulk orders may incur fees. These will be the responsibility of the recipient to cover.

USA and Canada

USA: Rimpact will ship within 2 working days via a Royal Mail Tracked and Signed. Delivery times to the USA are usually 7-14 working days. However US Customs and the USPS are suffering with the current pandemic which may hold up your parcel for as much as 14 extra days.

Canada parcels are sent via Royal Mail Tracked services. 7-14 days is the target time however Canadian Customs is among the slowest service we regularly deal with and has a significant effect on the delivery speed. You can expect parcels to stop moving for as much as 14-21 days when being processed by customs at this time. 

Middle East, Asia, Australia and NZ

Parcels are sent within 2 working days via a Royal Mail Tracked Service. Delivery time is usually 7-14 working days here, Customs can slow things down.

Some destinations in Asia do not allow for a Tracked service (such as the Philippines) so you may not be able to keep tabs on your delivery until it arrives. Delivery time on an untracked service can take up to 8 weeks. Please be aware of your country's customs import duties, these will be the responsibility of the recipient to cover.

South America and Africa

Currently we are not able to ship to either South America or Africa due to high delivery cost and the unreliable shipping times. 

However we still may be able to ship to you on a case by case basis so feel free to send us a message and we can take it from there.

This colour coded map depicts delivery times based on average result over the last year of shipping at Rimpact. There are 3 colours representing 1,2 and 3 weeks from dispatch with light blue being under a week and dark blue being under 3 weeks. 
Please note: This is based on averages of thousands of shipping times and your own shipping time may vary. There were a small handful of longer shipping times that brought the averages up across the world so you can usually expect your delivery to take less time than depicted. Areas in Grey are destinations that haven't had enough shipments to gain meaningful data. We suggest that these areas assume time frames based on neighbouring countries.