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Having issues with your Inserts? Before contacting us, please check the below for common problems and how to resolve them.

Tyre Blowing Off Rim

If your tyre has blown off of your rim, either during installation or riding this information should help. 

Do you have Hookless Rims? If you aren't sure what these are, do a quick internet search to determine if your particular Rims are Hookless and what that means. If they are then you'll want to refer to the Rim manufacturers information on minimum and maximum pressures the rim is rated for as usually they are limited to 30PSI or lower. This may be the cause of the tyre blowing off of the rim when initially inflated as it is common practice to seat a tyre at a high pressure. It could also be the cause of blow outs on the trail, if you are running higher pressures and railing turns when the total system weight exceeds the Hookless design's capability, blow outs could occur. It is also important to run Hookless compatible tyres with Hookless rims as some tyre manufacturers explicitly forbid their use with Hookless rims, although finding information on the tyre's hookless compatibility is often difficult.

Another reason for blowouts could be due to old, worn out tyres. How old are your tyres, how loose are they on the rim, has the blow out happened many times or is this the first time? All of these factors could contribute to blow outs. Consider refreshing your set up as blow outs are a sign that components could be beyond their usable life.

If none of the above is relevant and you've had more than one blowout indicating it wasn't an isolated incident, please get in touch.

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