Technical Support

Having issues with your Inserts? Before contacting us, please check the below for common problems and how to resolve them.

Common Issues:


Unable to Remove the Tyre

First of all, deflate the tyre. If you are having trouble doing this, click the link above. Then starting somewhere away from the valve, begin manipulating the tyre bead away from outer edge of the rim on one side. Take your time, working it a little at a time and moving all the way around the rim two or three times until the bead fully unseats and ‘pops’ into the centre of the rim. It might not de-seat, no matter how much force you apply. This sometimes happens when you get a high tolerance tyre and low tolerance rim combination or visa versa. The manipulating should however offset the insert within the tyre, so it is not fully on the rim but off to the side of the tyre, almost twisted inside.


At this point you should be able to hook two tyre levers in on that side, about an inch apart. Lever the bead over the rim and then slide the tyre lever around to unseat the tyre. There are very few instances where this is not possible but if you are one of the unlucky few, you may need to enlist the help of a friend to add extra force to unseating the tyre, or consider using a tool such as the tyre bead setter from Park Tools to break the seal. It is rare that a tyre is non removable, especially once ridden a few times and worn a little. Usually this issue occurs with fresh DH walled tyres and steel beads. If all else fails, a seasoned bike mechanic should be able to crack that bead at your local shop.