Size Guide

Use this handy guide to determine what model you'll need.

There are two MTB models of Rimpact, the PRO and ORIGINAL, and one CX Insert. The first step is to decide which will fit your set up based on wheel size and rim internal width. Then scroll down to choose which model you can buy. Tyre size isn't critical in choosing the Insert as you should select the Insert that adequately protects your Rim Width.

17mm-25mm Rims x 700c

Rimpact CX will allow you to run lower pressures and find grip on those narrow tyres.

33c-45c Tyres only

23mm-35mm Rims

Coupled with 2.3" Tyres or Bigger. 

There is both an ORIGINAL and a PRO version available to fit this rim size. This insert works with any tyre width above 2.3" but is optimized for 2.4-2.5" tyres. Most 2.6" tyres work fine as they measure similar to a 2.5" however some brands measure differently. Specialized and Schwalbe is on the smaller side so a 2.6" with normal width rim will work great, Maxxis is on the bigger side so consider a Plus insert instead.

35mm-45mm Rims

Coupled with 2.6" Tyres or Bigger

Only Rimpact Original Plus is available in this tyre width. The increased air volume and tyre height allows for a steeper ramp up in pressure as the tyre compresses meaning the Original will perform even better in the Plus format.


If you set up can accept both ORIGINAL and PRO models, use this info to help decide which option to go for based on your riding preference.



Or if you are light weight:

Rimpact ORIGINAL is the best option for you. The Insert's light weight and trail chatter absorbing characteristics make it the best choice. You may also want to choose this option if you are a particularly smooth rider who doesn't ever have issues with punctures but rides in more demanding disciplines. 


All Mountain/Enduro

Or If you are of average weight:

Rimpact ORIGINAL or PRO will work great for you. Both will protect you, but the PRO will give you more insurance when you roll the dice. If you don't suffer from Rim Dings or Flats and are only looking for the damping and support characteristics, go for the ORIGINAL. If you race against the clock or push the envelope, the PRO version is for you.



Or if you are a heavy weight:

Rimpact PRO is your poison.  Maximum protection against spontaneous tyre deflation. For those who close their eyes when they send it, zero compromises on performance. If you take the fastest line no matter the consequences and lay it all out on race day, Rimpact PRO should keep your rims circular. Rimpact PRO is also aimed at Ebikes, our Dual Density design is perfect for the higher chassis weight and torque outputs.  

Now you've used this info to decide on the model you need, head to our Shop. Still need more help? Check out our FAQ or head to the Contact page and ask us directly. Include as much information as possible to help our team come up with the most appropriate answer.