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Rimpact CX

A Cyclo-cross focused Insert

Changing the Game:
Our Mission Statement

Tubular tyres are dominant in Cyclo-cross racing due to their ability to be run at pressures that Clincher tyres cannot. This gives the rider the traction and damping they need on slick, muddy courses without fear of blowing out a conventional tubeless tyre. Our goal was to take our insert knowledge and apply it to the rigors of CX racing to see if we could bridge the gap and make Tubeless Clincher tyres not only viable against tubular but the best option period. 



To produce a tyre insert for CX bikes that:

  • Provides tyre support to allow for pressures that rival what is possible with Tublar tyres.

  • Be light enough to be practically or totally unnoticeable on a CX set up.

  • Protect the tyres from snakebites.

  • Mitigate most rim damage under hard impact.

  • Be usable as a run flat to make it to the finish or repair stop, within reason.

  • Dampen vibrations to reduce fatigue and add confidence.

  • Make Clincher tyres a legitimate option vs Tubular tyres.

  • Work as a Gravel insert for those that run narrower set ups to mitigate punctures, provide grip and protect rims.


Crucial Weight

~55g per Insert!

The Rimpact CX uses the same Dual Density design as our top level Mountain Bike insert, the Rimpact PRO. You can read more about the philosophy and technology behind the Dual Density system here.

In testing we found our Rimpact Original Foam didn't scale well when adjusting it's volume and protection was compromised when reducing the insert's size to fit in a CX tyre. By using two different densities of foam however we were able to strike a balance between protection, weight and ease of installation.


A harder top layer provides impact protection and acts as a shell to absorb and dissipate force. The softer under layer sits in the rim and supports the tyre whilst acting as a dampener for both vibrations and larger impacts. The softer layer also aids the user in fitting as it can be manipulated to allow the tyre to slot on easier. 

Dual Density?

Just like our Pro insert the Rimpact CX is Dual Density. There is a protective outer layer that is incredibly resiliant. As force is applied (when you hit a rock or square edge) the upper layer of the Rimpact CX increases its protection to dissipate the forces across its body rather than through itself and into the rim it's protecting. 

Why not just start with a denser material in the first place? There's a great in-depth explanation on our dedicated Dual Density page, however the quick answer is: Denser materials will feel harsh at slow speeds or under lesser impacts, making it harder to track through rough sections and keep on your line. Combining two differing densities will provide appropriate protection and ride feel to keep you composed and tracking to the ground. When it comes time to fit the insert, the softer part of the insert is easier to manipulate , making installation easier than a single stiffer material. It's lighter to boot!

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