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Rimpact CX Insert Set

Rimpact CX Insert Set

Contents Per Pack:

2x CX Tyre Inserts

2x 44mm, 55mm Rimpact Insert Compatible Valves or Peaty’s Valves

4x Die Cut Rim Decals



30mm Wide

Compatible with 17mm - 25mm Rims

Compatible with 33c – 45c Tyres

55g per 29”/700c



Designed for Cyclo-Cross racing, Rimpact CX is Rimpact's lightest insert at 55 grams, under HALF the weight of the competition.


Just like the Rimpact Pro, it utilises a dual density design mated with Rimpact Original Foam for maximum protection at the lowest possible weight. This innovative design allows you to ignore compromise and achieve the traction, support, and protection so you can focus on the race ahead. Its optimized shape and weight distribution enhances tyre stability, ensuring you stay in control no matter how technical the course.


Whether you're a seasoned cyclo-cross racer or just getting started, the Rimpact CX is the last piece of the puzzle to take your races to the next level. For its weight, its unparalleled impact absorption will help reduce the risk of flats and crashes, giving you the confidence to push your limits. If you do flat, dig deep and ride it out without losing much time or having the tyre unseat.


Rimpact CX lets you run lower pressures on clincher tyres to gain more traction and level the playing field against tubular tyres without suffering blowouts!


Specifically designed for UCI spec CX tyres (33c) but compatible with any rim with an inner diameter of 17mm - 25mm and tyre widths 33c to 45c. (Keep in mind that the difficulty of fitting increases dramatically the narrower your rims are). The diameter is 700c. Running 650b? Check out our Gravel/XC inserts!


Hookless Rims are compatible but if you run close to min or max pressures recommended by the rim and tyre manufacturer the risk of blowouts is increased, not due to the Rimpact but the nature of hookless design. For more info please get in touch with Rimpact.


Use about 25% more sealant than recommended on the bottle to ensure the extra surface area of the insert is coated with plenty of fluid to spare. Our inserts are closed cell and cannot absorb liquid however some sealant will cling to the outside of the insert requiring a slightly higher dosage. It can be injected through Rimpact Valves or poured directly into the tyre.

Weight: approx. 55g per insert.


Please follow installation instructions prior to fitting/removing. These can be found on our website.

Disclaimer: It is not advised to run air pressures outside that of the tyre manufacturers recommendations. Failure to do so may result in injury or the premature failure of the bicycle. Rimpact does not accept any

responsibility for misuse of the Rimpact insert or improper installation. Rimpact Inserts are designed to work WITH Rimpact Insert Compatible Valves.

Not included: Tyres, Wheelset.

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