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What, Why, When, How?

Protect your Rims. Protect your Ride. Protect your Race. 


Rimpact was born out of a passion for Mountain Biking, design and continuous improvement. So after months of brainstorming on Fire Road climbs, testing numerous different materials, prototypes, shapes and designs the Rimpact Tyre Insert was born.

Rimpact is a foam insert that hugs your wheels and absorbs square edge hits so your rims don't have to. 


But we didn't stop there, after the Insert's initial success through 2018 and 2019 we continued to modify and evolve it, learning from feedback and performance test results. Eventually re-releasing the Insert with these visually subtle but significant changes as Rimpact ORIGINAL.

We learned so much from the thousands of Rimpact Inserts sold around the Globe that we began working on a new Insert from the ground up. The Result is the Rimpact PRO, a dual density design.

Every Rimpact Insert is made in the UK!

Click below to learn more about each model.


Currently there are two versions of the Rimpact Insert - ORIGINAL and PRO. Each design has a range of wheel diameters and rim width options. Click the images to learn more.



EWS Proven

Classic Design
Light in Weight, Light in Price
Includes 2x Valves



Uncompromising Performance

Energy Sensitive Technology

Unique Dual Density Design
Maximum Force Dissipation
Includes 2x Valves

Size Guide

Head to our Size Guide page for an in-depth guide on selecting the correct Insert for your Bike. Below is a brief break down on how to choose your insert based on discipline.

Please note at present some sizes aren't available in the PRO model. All sizes are available in the ORIGINAL variation. If you can't find what you need, get in touch as we can make custom sets in the ORIGINAL design!


Or if you are light weight:

Rimpact ORIGINAL is the best option for you. The inserts' light weight and trail chatter absorbing characteristics make it the best choice. You may also want to choose this option if you are a particularly smooth rider who doesn't ever have issues with punctures but rides in more demanding disciplines. 

All Mountain/Enduro

Or If you are of average weight:

Rimpact ORIGINAL or PRO will work great for you. Both will protect you, but the PRO will give you more insurance when you roll the dice. If you don't suffer from Rim Dings or Flats and are only looking for the damping characteristics, go for the ORIGINAL. If you race against the clock or push the envelope, the PRO version is for you.

Enduro Race/DH

Or if you are a Heavy Weight:

Rimpact PRO is your poison.  Maximum protection against spontaneous tyre deflation. For those who close their eyes when they send it, zero compromises on performance. If you take the fastest line no matter the consequences and lay it all out on race day, or need to lay off the Christmas Dinners, Rimpact PRO should keep your rims circular.  

Still Unsure? Click 'More Info' for a run down of which model suits you based on Rim width. If you are still struggling, send us an email with as much information as possible and we'll try and point you in the right direction.

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