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Rimpact Original V2

For Trail Riding and light Enduro - Protection without the Weight Penalty

The Original V2 Insert is so light you shouldn't notice any decrease in efficiency or acceleration. At only ~90g you aren't going to change the lively feel of your sub 30lbs Bike. Despite this though, the material we use, one that is unique to Rimpact Inserts, will offer a damping and support that thinner carcass tyres cannot. Make your short travel Trail Bike feel like an All Mountain Machine!

If you struggle with punctures, ride particularly harsh on the rear wheel or treat your Trail bike like an Enduro rig, definitely take the ~60g weight penalty and upgrade the rear to a Pro Insert. You'll get max protection available and barely notice the added grams. 


Key Attributes

  • Similar Damping Performance to the Pro Insert - The material we use offers the same damping feel that promotes confidence in the Bike and improves Suspension feel.

  • Only ~90g per Insert - equivalent to a few sips of your water bottle. The weight is unnoticeable on the trail but the positive traits the insert brings are very noticeable.

  • Easy to install - Especially with thinner carcass tyres, the Original should not impede the ability to change a flat out on the trail. If you tear a tyre, remove the insert, add a tube and fold the insert up. You can either wrap it around your frame, put it in a pack or wear it like a harness, then reuse it later. 

  • Support - Trail bikes tend to be fitted with thinner casing tyres so they are easier to pedal. These tyres offer little in the way of support, forcing riders to up their pressures and reduce their bikes grip and cornering capabilities. The Original V2 insert offers support to these tyres allowing you to lower the pressure you run, gain more control, grip and compliance whilst feeling less squirm through the corners

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