Peaty's x Chris King Tubeless MK2 Valves

Peaty's x Chris King Tubeless MK2 Valves

Rimpact offer our own tyre insert compatible valves but right now we only offer them in black in order to keep the price down as low as possible. When we heard that Peaty's had released an insert compatible valve that came in loads of sweet colours we knew we had to offer them as part of our insert kits. Right now they are only available through us in a 42mm length which is long enough to fit most rims other than particularly deep dish options.  Please check to make sure they will fit your rims or get in touch and we will let you know. Here's what Peaty says about the product:


"With design, sustainability & quality running right to the core, there's only one company we could work with on our valve colours - Chris King! With our valves for life guarantee and their stunning colourways, your bike is in for a real treat for years to come.

Made from premium lightweight, high strength 7075 aluminium, Peaty's MK2 Tubeless Valves fit most tubeless setups from MTB to road and cyclocross, including carbon, enduro and DH rims.


Our unique x-cut base has been designed to work with all tyre inserts. The channels cut into the base of the valve allow air and sealant to pass through when inserts are pushed up against them. Unlike most other insert-compatible valves, our valves have a straight-through design so there's no reduction of sealant or air flow when tyre inserts are not used.


Fitting couldn't be easier. integrated o-rings prevent the lock rings from scratching your precious rims and large soft rubber bases easily create an airtight seal.


Designed by riders, for riders. Our valves come as standard with an integrated valve core remover cap and spoke key cap (for standard 3.4mm spoke nipples). This makes tightening loose spokes and topping up with sealant a breeze, either in the workshop or out on the trails."