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Rimpact PRO V2

Our Pro Insert is Optimised for the Most Demanding Terrain

Dual Density Protection

The Pro Insert offers Industry leading protection, weight and price as shown here. We recommend running the Pro front and rear for Enduro riding, especially in a racing setting. The Pro insert is also great for DH as well. The Support and Damping the Pro Insert will provide in the front tyre will help you push the bike harder whilst providing extra protection when you run off line.

Riding Enduro but are looking for the Vibration Damping and Support of an Insert without the full ~150g weight penalty? Consider mixing the set up with an Original V2 Insert up front and a Pro V2 in the rear for a great balance of protection, weight and support.

Usually run DH tyres and inserts on your Enduro bike? Why not opt for slighlty thinner casing such as Super Gravity or Double Down and upgrade from the PRO to a EDH/PRO set. Running the EDH in the rear where more impacts occur and the PRO in the front for total protection. The insert weight penalty will sum to less than the tyre weight savings and provide other benefits the DH tyres can't provide.


Key Attributes

  • Lighter than the competition at just ~150g per Pro V2 insert and ~90g per Original V2 insert. Less rotational weight, faster acceleration, near zero noticeable performance compromise due to added weight.

  • Opportunity to run lighter carcass tyres whilst retaining puncture protection from snakebites. The support and damping the insert offers imitates that of the next carcass thickness above making a lighter tyre viable.

  • Retain control - Both inserts act as dampers within the tyre to reduce the 'wallowing' characteristics of the un-damped air chamber. This results in a more direct and controlled feel when the trail gets rough.

  • Run Flat - The Insert, particularly the Pro will offer the ability to make it to the bottom of the hill during a race run and won't slow you down too much in comparison to running a flat tyre without an insert. This is invaluable if you tear a tyre in the last few corners of a race or are at the early stages of an Enduro weekend and can repair the tyre at the end of the stage.

  • The Pro's Dual Density system provides a compliant ride that isn't so stiff that you deflect off of roots and rocks. The soft top layer retains traction but hardens as excess force is applied in order to stiffen up and offer support and protection as needed. 

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