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Rimpact EDH

Optimized for the rigors of Downhill and Ebike riding

An Evolution of our Dual Density Design

An evolution of our test winning PRO inserts, the EDH is wider than our current MTB
offerings and features a thicker PRO layer for maximum sidewall support and rim protection.
Taking the Energy Sensitive, Dual Density technology and increasing the thickness of the
PRO layer but still retaining the same stack height of our previous inserts has allowed us to
create an insert which is perfect for hard chargers and the heavier chassis found on DH
and Ebikes.


Weighing in at ~185 grams each for a 29" they provide maximum protection but are still a
lot lighter than some other brands on the market!
EDH inserts are suitable for rim widths of 30-45mm and optimised for 2.5"tyres, but
work great with tyres up to 3.0".


We have also tested on 2.4” DH tyres on 30mm rims and man do these work well! HOWEVER,
whilst we’re happy to confirm they they are compatible with 2.4"and 30mm rims, this is a setup we’d only recommend installing if you are not an insert novice with plenty of spare time, motivation and experience fitting DH tyres to narrow rims; “can’t fit them” is not a reason we will accept for return if you buy these to fit on 30mm rims.


Key Attributes

  • 187 grams per insert (29”)

  • Available in 27.5" / 650b and 29"

  • Energy Sensitive Dual Density technology as seen on our PRO inserts with a thicker PRO layer.

  • Optimised for 2.5” tyres. Suitable for rim widths of 30mm -40mm and 2.4”-3” tyres. (Really hard to fit on narrower tyres and rims)

  • Retain control - inserts act as dampers within the tyre to reduce the 'wallowing' characteristics of the un-damped air chamber. You may have not noticed this before but you will after running Rimpact! This results in a more direct and controlled feel when the trail gets rough.

  • Run Flat - The EDH will offer the ability to make it to the bottom of the hill during a race run and won't slow you down too much. This is invaluable if you tear a tyre in the last few corners of a race or are at the early stages of an Enduro weekend and can repair the tyre at the end of the stage.

  • The EDH's Dual Density system provides a compliant ride that isn't so stiff that you deflect off of roots and rocks. The soft top layer retains traction but hardens as excess force is applied in order to stiffen up and offer support and protection as needed. 

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