Rimpact PRO Single Tyre Insert

Rimpact PRO Single Tyre Insert

Rimpact PRO Single Tyre Insert


Contents Per Pack:

  • 1x PRO Tyre Insert
  • 1x 44mm or 55mm Rimpact Unblockable Valves or 2x Peaty's Valves (if chosen - Peaty's Valves are currently only available in pairs)
  • 1x Vinyl Decal Sticker Sheet for Rims


At Rimpact, we believe that our inserts are best experienced as a pair, click here to read why, but we understand not everyone needs or wants to purchase a set; this product contains 1x Pro Insert only, so is a great way to get your hands on either a replacement or an upgrade for your current setup. 


Rimpact's key benefit is in it's vibration damping qualities. Most of the vibration felt through the bike comes from the front wheel, through the fork and into your hands. This makes running Rimpact in the front wheel a necessity and will significantly improve the feel of your bike over rough terrain. It will also reduce fatigue over longer descents making running an insert in the front a must! We highly recommend you buy a set of inserts for these reasons.


Rimpact PRO is Rimpact's most protective insert. It utilises an Energy Sensitive layer in conjunction with Rimpact ORIGINAL Foam to harden on impact and dissipate extreme forces across itself and the foam below rather than into the rim. The material remains supple and malleable meaning its easy to install yet when it counts, Rimpact steps it up to maximum protection mode and allows you to ride it out when there's no easy line choice! Read more about the PRO here.


Please Note: There is a 'No Valve Required' product option available in the drop down menu that ships without valves for those who are replacing an insert and already own a pair of Rimpact Unblockable Valves. Rimpact must be used in conjunction with our valve design or an insert compatible valve such as Peaty's MK2 valves.


If you select Peaty's Valves please indicate which colour you'd like in the 'Add Notes' box at checkout. Colour choices are Bourbon, Turquoise, Violet, Mango, Silver, Navy, Matte Slate, Matte Emerald, Matte Punch, Red and Gold (not pictured). Peatys Valves are ONLY sold in Pairs.

Suitable for rims with an inner diameter of 23mm - 35mm and tyre widths 2.3" - 2.6". It is possible to use the insert with narrower or wider tyre but it will increase the difficulty of fitting. Do not purchase if your rims are out side of this spec, we have wider Plus inserts available for larger rims.


Use about 25% more sealant than recommended on the bottle to ensure the extra surface area of the insert is coated with plenty of fluid to spare. Our inserts are clos