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RimpactMTB Rimpact Foam Tyre Inserts #SendNoodz 

Check out some of the reviews, articles and testimonials that we have gathered from around the web below. This area is a work in progress so keep checking back for more.

Singletrack World said:

"The Tubeless Valves are some of the best out there'!


"In keeping me rolling, Rimpact ran well and flawlessly. I ran it at a variety of pressures, mainly from 15 – 20PSI."


He foolishly ever tried riding the inserts at 9 psi! Here's what he had to say:

"Despite that, the bike felt controlled and nigh invulnerable to rocks. Even hammering that low pressure through switchbacks, it didn’t burp, so bead retention seems decent."

                                                                                                               Disclaimer: Don't drop your tyre pressure below tyre manufactures guidlines....

Here's fantastic informative review from Cobra Kyle's weekly adventures on two wheels.

He found Rimpact a breeze to fit and felt great benefits out on the trail!


Check out this review from the Youtuber  Calavera Chronicles with amazing side by side comparisons that illustrate how Rimpact protects your tyres.


Stravaiging MTB is a Youtube channel and  blog about bikes, biking, adventuring, thinking, photography, races and other related topics. 





gerund or present participle: stravaiging

  1. wander about aimlessly.

    "stravaiging about the mountains"


Click just over there to watch JedMTB's first look at Rimpact

tyre inserts 

Jed has been hard at work reviewing hundereds of MTB products over the last 4 years. Rimpact is his latest product under the microscope. Check out his first look review here!