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RimpactMTB Rimpact Foam Tyre Inserts #SendNoodz 

Fit Guide

I’m sure you’ve heard; fitting tyre inserts can be hard. Well once you have the right technique dialled you’ll realise it really isn’t. It should only add a couple of minutes to the tyre fitting process. We’ve made a quick tutorial on how to fit Rimpact here:

Step 1. Ensure all equipment is clean. Having a flat, waist high surface to rest your wheel on helps but is not essential. Inspect rim tape for any cracks or blemishes that might allow air to escape. It is recommended to always start with a freshly taped rim to minimise the chance of air leak due to a poor seal.

Step 2. Fit tyre as usual WITHOUT Rimpact tyre insert. If you have purchased Rimpact's valves fit these now and ensure the lock ring is HAND tightened, (snug is better than super tight). Pump tyre up maximum recommended tyre pressure in order to seat at least one tyre bead. Then let the pressure back out of the tyre.

Step 3. Use plastic tyre levers to carefully remove ONE tyre bead without unseating the other. This will help with seating the tyre and dealing with the tight Rimpact insert.

Step 4. Stretch the Rimpact insert over the rim, aligning the valve hole in the inset with the valve. (If you have purchased Rimpact's unblockable valves, you won't have a valve hole in your insert.)

Step 5. Begin to seat the remaining tyre bead with your thumbs, starting at the valve and working outwards.

Top Tip! - Once you reach the point where your thumbs are no longer strong enough, go back around the tyre wall pressing the bead under the Rimpact and into the centre/middle of the rim. Standing on the side of the wheel that has the tyre already seated grab the tyre with both hands, place a foot on the bottom of the tyre for support and roll the tyre back towards you as if you are attempting to rip the tyre off of the rim. This will roll the insert back away from the rim and allow the tyre bead to slip underneath it. Don't fit the bead in its entirety just yet. Leave a few inches spare.

Step 6. Pour in desired level of tyre sealant. We recommend 25% extra sealant due to the increased surface area now in your tyre that the sealant will coat. (If you prefer and have the apparatus you can inject sealant through the valve instead after the tyre is seated, our valves will not clog up). FYI: The Insert is made from a closed cell foam meaning it cannot and will not absorb sealant.

Step 7. If you’ve poured in sealant at this point, rotate the wheel around so the sealant moves away from the unseated portion of the tyre and press the remaining tyre bead onto the rim. If the last few inches of tyre are just too tight to do by hand, you can use two PLASTIC tyre levers to work the bead over the rim. This will be made significantly easier if you work your way back around the already seated portion of the tyre and ensure you've pushed the tyre bead under the insert and into the middle of the rim.

Step 8. Pump up using a compressor or floor pump. The faster you pump the more likely the tyre will seat. If there is air escaping from the tyre bead or valve, try spinning the wheel around and shaking it to distribute the sealant to the holes. If it still doesn’t seal, try re-taping the wheel and replacing the valves and tyre with new components. Rimpact is a foam insert that sits inside a closed tubeless system so has no bearing on the quality of tubeless seal you can create.

Step 9. Send.