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RimpactMTB Rimpact Foam Tyre Inserts #SendNoodz 


Technical Facts

Rimpact requires 47% more force than EVA EV50 foam to reach 50% compression, meaning it can protect your rims whilst also being small enough to not effect air volume too much.

Rimpact can be used in operating temperatures between -70c and +105c. Use and storage in sub-zero and plus 30 degree temperatures without becoming brittle is guaranteed.

Rimpact is a one piece foam pre bonded at each end to ensure a tight, secure fit. No zip ties, no velcro, no hard bits inside your tyre. Less parts = less failure.

Yes, like many solutions, Rimpact is a consumable, it will get cut up and damaged over time. It is there to protect your expensive bits from your wild line choices, and that’s why its cheap. That’s why this product was made. You can replace this every now and then without it breaking the bank.

The Rimpact weighs in at a competitive ~95grams per 29er insert and ~90grams per 27.5 insert - approx.

Rimpact Inserts are hand made entirely in the UK from start to finish.