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RimpactMTB Rimpact Foam Tyre Inserts #SendNoodz 

Why Run Rimpact?

Rimpact's best feature isn't its puncture protection. It's the improved ride quality that makes it a must have for many riders.

Increased Tyre Stability:

By acting as a support for the tyre sidewalls as well as a dampener system, Rimpact improves tyre stability over conventional undamped air.

Reduce Tyre Roll:

Typically riders struggle to find the balance between grip and tyre stability. With Rimpact there is no longer a trade-off thanks to the support it provides.


Make Lower Pressures Viable:

Historically running lower pressures required the rider to ride smooth or risk flatting, burping or rolling the tyre. Think of Rimpact as a ‘volume token’ and ‘bottom out bumper’ combined. Increased ramp up with added bottom out resistance makes those lower pressures viable again.


Reduce Trail Chatter

The best reason to run Rimpact? Reduced trail chatter. Rimpact acts as a deadening device for your highly strung rims, making the ride smoother. When you ride smooth, you go fast!