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RimpactMTB Rimpact Foam Tyre Inserts #SendNoodz 

What is Rimpact?

Protect your wheels. Protect your ride. Protect your race. 


Rimpact was born out of a passion for Mountain Biking, design and continuous improvement. So after months of brainstorming on fireroad climbs, testing numerous different materials, prototypes, shapes and designs the Rimpact Tyre Insert was born.

Rimpact is a foam insert that hugs your wheels and absorbs square edge hits so your rims don't have to. 


Rimpact is made from a high density, closed cell, cross linked polyethylene foam used in both the electronics and medical fields. The manufacturing process is unique to this specific foam and is made entirely in the UK. Rimpact is not EVA foam. It is not pool noodle foam either. Like many we saw the DIY systems out there and began to experiment. Although initial test mules were simply pipe lagging, cut in half and zip tied together we quickly realized that the foam was not up to the task and a much, much higher density was required. We set out on a journey of discovery, testing many materials, shapes and sizes until we found the perfect design. Then we turned our sights to producing it at a reasonable cost, ultimately a product designed to protect your rims shouldn't cost the earth. The result of all our hard work? Rimpact has superior impact resistance, force dissipation and torsional strength than all DIY solutions and many of the off the shelf products too.